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Gov. Jindal and the Louisiana GOP say No to health care solutions

June 10, 2009

At the start of the current legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal called for bipartisanship and “Louisiana solutions.” Yet yesterday at the Capitol, the Jindal administration tried three different maneuvers to kill HB 889, the Louisiana Healthier Families Act. The Louisiana Healthier Families Act would reduce our youth smoking rate and generate upwards of $127 million a year for health care – and it enjoys bipartisan support in the Legislature.

That hasn’t stopped Gov. Jindal and Louisiana Republican Party chairman Roger Villere from opposing the bill at every turn, despite offering no alternatives.

“Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Republican Party march lockstep with the national GOP’s “party of no” approach – no new ideas, no leadership and no solutions,” says Chris Whittington, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “At a time when Louisiana faces the challenge of serious budget cuts to health care, why is Gov. Jindal so opposed to an open debate and vote on legislation that would reduce teen smoking and secure funding to offset cuts in health care?”

A recent poll done by the Mellman Group shows about three out of four Louisianans support the Louisiana Healthier Families Act. (That included 72 percent of both Democrats and Republicans and 67 percent of independents supporting the proposal.) Today, The Advocate newspaper ran an editorial urging the Legislature to support the Louisiana Healthier Families Act.


Louisiana citizens write in support of President Obama, and express their displeasure with the GOP and David Vitter

February 17, 2009

From Alexandria to Baton Rouge, Louisiana citizens are writing in to their newspapers and supporting President Obama – and expressing their displeasure with the Republican Party and Louisiana’s Republican legislators. From the Town-Talk:

Our nation is in serious economic trouble and requires the utmost attention from all Americans. The Republican Party must listen to all, not just a few senators from southern states.

Where were those senators like David Vitter when President Bush, who inherited a surplus but chose to spend the people’s money with no regards to our children’s future? … The arrogance of the Republican Party refused to hear the voice of their constituents. Absent was the courage of our Sen. Vitter to tell [President George Bush] that he was wrong and vote against policies that were not in the best interest of America.

Vitter is a “Johnny come lately.” Pride, sex and money will cloud one’s judgment. I supported Vitter, but will not next time. I strongly believe that marriage is between a man and his wife not a man and his prostitute. The women of Louisiana are to be outraged and need to send a strong message to Vitter and the Republican Party of Louisiana that family values and accountability should remain the cornerstone of Republican ideology.

And from The Advocate:

After reading today’s article regarding the “competition” U.S. Sen. David Vitter faces and his re-election possibilities, I was amused by Baton Rouge pollster Bernie Pinsonat’s obviously uninformed comment: “I thought Vitter would have a tough time getting re-elected, but right now Obama is sent from heaven.” He alluded to the supposed negative publicity surrounding President Barack Obama and his stimulus package, and cited this as a reason Vitter would get re-elected.

Either Mr. Pinsonat is ill-informed or refuses to accept the actual facts, but a poll that was cited on all news channels Monday, Feb. 9, notes a 67 percent approval rating for how President Obama is handling the financial crisis.

Louisiana GOP economic recovery dialogue: just make stuff up

February 13, 2009

It’s been a banner couple of days for the Louisiana GOP’s blatant disregard for the truth. Yesterday, the Louisiana Republican Party tried to attack Congressman Charlie Melancon for taking a bipartisan Congressional trip to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which will include updates on America’s ongoing efforts in Afghanistan. That was their illogical launching point for another partisan attack against the economic recovery plan, which the GOP claimed includes “$30M to protect the salt marsh harvest mouse that happens to inhabit an area within Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district.”

There’s only one problem, as documented here. It’s a lie – and one started by a GOP staffer who admitted that no such language or legislation exists in the economic recovery package.

Not to be outdone, Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter repeated the lie – this time in a fundraising letter. Given Vitter’s sordid history with denying the facts, it’s not surprising.

And finally, even though he’s just getting his feet wet in Washington, D.C., 4th district Republican congressman John Fleming has hopped right on board the GOP dishonesty train. Fleming, a physician, has been spouting the nonsense that a new health care czar will interfere with patient care at the local level.

In repeating this debunked falsehood, Fleming sinks to the level of Ann Coulter. (The link includes video of Fleming and Fox News’ Glenn Beck on the right hand side of the page for full effect.)