Gov. Bobby Jindal’s new idea in education

March 25, 2009

At a speech last night in Washington, D.C. during his latest out-of-state fundraising junket, Gov. Bobby Jindal offered his thoughts on education.

Speaking to the National Republican Campaign Committee, Jindal said, “The left hasn’t had a new idea on education since the invention of the chalkboard.”

And what is Gov. Jindal’s new idea for Louisiana education? Cutting $219 million from Louisiana’s colleges and universities. While Governors Mike Foster and Kathleen Blanco made higher education a priority for moving Louisiana forward, Gov. Jindal will be the first Louisiana governor in more than a decade to make severe cuts to education. University presidents and faculty across Louisiana have warned that Gov. Jindal’s budget cuts would have a crippling effect on higher education.

“Education isn’t a partisan issue, and Gov. Jindal’s words and actions on this issue are hurting Louisiana,” says Chris Whittington, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Jindal’s education cuts are another example of the governor’s hypocrisy. In a speech to the Louisiana Legislature last March, Jindal said, “We must also invest in our institutions of higher education.”

“Louisiana families and students deserve a governor who makes quality education a priority for everyone – and cutting higher education sends a terrible message about Louisiana’s priorities,” says Whittington.

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