It doesn’t get any clearer than this

March 23, 2009

The New York Times has previously pointed out Gov. Bobby Jindal’s partisan and ill-informed stance on rejecting $98 million in federal unemployment benefits for struggling Louisianians. But as Jindal’s posturing continues and the facts keep piling up that clearly refute his argument, NYT returns to Jindal’s hypocrisy. Highlights:

Republican governors who have been threatening to refuse federal aid rather than sensibly expand state unemployment insurance programs are putting ideology ahead of the needs of their constituents.

The two most prominent grandstanders — Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana — should listen to lawmakers and taxpayers in their own states who are demanding that they do what’s best for their most vulnerable citizens. …

The claim by some governors that the unemployment aid would lead directly to tax increases has also been discredited. New taxes are triggered automatically when unemployment trust funds fall below specified levels. In many cases, filling their coffers with stimulus aid would actually postpone tax increases. When the stimulus money is spent, states would also be free to revert to the old unemployment insurance laws. …

The time has clearly passed for posturing. With large numbers of people losing their jobs, Mr. Jindal and Mr. Perry need to do what is best for their states and their struggling workers.

Read the whole editorial here.

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