David Vitter’s embarrassing behavior continues

March 11, 2009

Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter threw a temper tantrum in a Washington, D.C. airport, going as far as opening an armed security door and berating a United Airlines employee – because Vitter was late for his flight.

According to Roll Call, Vitter set off a security alarm and “proceeded to dress down an airline employee who told him entering the restricted area was forbidden.” Vitter delivered a “do-you-know-who-I-am tirade” that prompted the airline worker to summon security. Vitter remained defiant and continued yelling, then left the scene when the airline attendant went to get a security guard.

“David Vitter’s behavior continues to embarrass Louisiana,” says Chris Whittington, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “It’s offensive that David Vitter thinks he deserves special treatment, and thinks it’s perfectly OK to berate an employee that was only doing their job.”

Whittington says Vitter continues to be a black eye for Louisiana. “Vitter’s prostitution scandal, his partisan obstruction to President Obama’s economic recovery plan, and his lack of respect for airport security shows Vitter’s same lack of respect for the people of Louisiana.”

Roll Call‘s headline: Vitter goes from Hookergate to Gate-Crashing.

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