Landrieu, Melancon announce vital Louisiana funding from President Obama’s economic recovery plan

March 9, 2009

Last week, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, joined U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon,  to announce the release of $8.6 million from President Barack Obama’s economic recovery act that will support seven health centers in Louisiana. The expansion and construction of these community clinics will help some 48,870 residents in obtaining health care services and will create 360 Louisiana jobs.

“[This] release of the $8.6 million for Louisiana’s health care centers proves that the economic recovery legislation Congress passed last month is paying immediate dividends for communities in our state,” Sen. Landrieu said. “Not only will this money create jobs, it will provide thousands of uninsured Louisianians with essential primary care and preventative care services. Our community health centers are truly a lifeline for many underserved Louisianians, and I will continue to work with the Obama Administration to ensure our state’s clinics are adequately funded.”

Also, Congressman Melancon announced that a number of 3rd Congressional District towns and parishes will receive $2,256,870 in federal grants to support law enforcement and improve the criminal justice system in their communities. These funds are part of President Obama’s economic recovery funds, and help safeguard the budgets of fire and police departments and first responders.

As more and more funding for vital projects and initiatives flows into Louisiana, there’s one crucial thing to remember: not one single Louisiana Republican legislator supported the president’s economic recovery plan. Not Senator David Vitter, and not Republican Congressmen Steve Scalise, Joseph Cao, Bill Cassidy, Rodney Alexander, Charles Boustany and John Fleming. Given a choice between moving Louisiana and the country forward or marching lockstep with failed Republican economic policies, Louisiana’s Republican legislators chose their party over their state and country.

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