Gov. Jindal leaves Louisiana again for more out-of-state fundraising

March 3, 2009

After delivering his widely panned speech opposing President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan last Tuesday night, Gov. Bobby Jindal went on vacation to Disney World. But his “vacation” didn’t stop him from attending a Florida fundraiser for his campaign coffers – and now Gov. Jindal is leaving Louisiana again for two days to attend four separate campaign fundraisers in California.

“Louisiana’s facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall, but Gov. Jindal is more concerned with raising money for himself than trying to fix Louisiana’s economy,” says Chris Whittington, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Gov. Jindal insults the people of Louisiana by neglecting his gubernatorial obligations and putting politics and campaign cash over the needs of our state.”

Gov. Jindal has recently jetted away for out-of-state fundraisers in Arkansas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., Texas, Florida and Connecticut.

“Gov. Jindal needs to stop campaigning and start governing,” says Whittington. “The people of Louisiana deserve more than an absentee governor.”

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