Gov. Bobby Jindal defends Rush Limbaugh

March 3, 2009

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has generated widespread criticism for his unapologetic declarations that he wants President Obama to fail. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele rebutted Limbaugh’s comments in a CNN interview Saturday night, saying Limbaugh is an entertainer whose show is “incendiary” and “ugly.”

Yesterday Steele apologized for his remarks on Limbaugh, once again showing that Limbaugh is driving the Republican Party’s obstructionist agenda against President Obama’s vision and plans to move America forward.

And now Gov. Bobby Jindal is defending Limbaugh.

On Larry King Live last night, Jindal was asked what he thought of Steele’s apology to Limbaugh. “I’m glad [Steele] apologized,” said Jindal. “I think Rush [Limbaugh] is a leader for many conservatives and says things that people are concerned about.”

“For Gov. Jindal to defend a man who roots for President Obama to fail is inexcusable,” says Chris Whittington, chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “This is the most disturbing example yet of Gov. Jindal showing that he has no interest in bipartisanship – Gov. Jindal is only concerned with his own political ambitions and catering to the failed policies and divisive rhetoric of the Republican Party.”

Here’s the video of Jindal defending Limbaugh:

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