Vitter, Cassidy blasted for putting Republican Party partisanship over the needs of Louisiana

February 19, 2009

The letters keep coming. From The Advocate:

Sen. David Vitter’s votes in the Senate are not helping working people who are losing their retirements, their homes and their jobs, including union workers at General Motors that he said should take a pay cut before he calls for CEOs to take a cut in pay and bonuses. …

Our new congressman, Bill Cassidy of Baton Rouge, seems to be catering to his Republican Party bosses from the start.

Our congressman voted against the stimulus package that would bring billions of dollars to our state.

The stimulus package included millions for Medicaid, and our good doctor congressman went along with the 100 percent Republican Party line and voted against bringing the needed funds to the 6th District. …

It seems to me it would be best for our 6th District that he represents if he could bring home our share of all those tax dollars being spent.

What good is a congressman who doesn’t look out for the needs of the district he represents?

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