Republican Congressman Charles Boustany champions bipartisanship to children – and conveniently neglects to talk about his own voting record

February 18, 2009

On President’s Day, Republican Louisiana Congressmen Charles Boustany gave a talk to elementary school students in Youngsville. In his speech, Boustany praised bipartisanship:

“When you talk to your rivals, you get all the ideas in,” he said. “President Obama is willing to listen to them. It requires a broad consensus, all ideas to build support.”

Boustany then told the assembled students that, “If you had an issue, and divided the room into two sides, neither side probably has all the answers. The best ideas are those that take a little bit from one side and a little bit from the other side. We need more of that.”

U.S. Rep. Boustany neglected to tell the students that he hasn’t voted for President Barack Obama’s initiatives a single time – and Boustany even voted against expanding the state’s health insurance program for children.

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