The “Where’s Bobby” drumbeat gets louder

February 10, 2009

If Gov. Bobby Jindal thought he could keep up his busy out-of-state fundraising efforts without public outcry and serious scrutiny, he’s wrong. Today alone, there are three columns that turn the spotlight on Jindal’s decision to repeatedly leave the state in his never-ending quest for campaign cash. From Gambit Weekly:

As an unprecedented $2 billion shortfall eats away at health care and higher education while state government braces for lockdown, Gov. Bobby Jindal has found a new way to address tough challenges: hitting the road. It’s a sad day when, as Rome burns, the only thing you see of the emperor is his derriere as he hightails it out of town, but such is the case.

From The Times-Picayune:

Yet even as Jindal preaches that the Republicans need to start thinking of the country, not themselves, some of his constituents are grumbling that he should spend more time thinking about his own state, not his national reputation and future prospects. In political circles around here, “Where’s Bobby” is becoming a punchline.

Jindal can explain his crowded travel itinerary however he wants. He can say that he needs to raise money to fend off a serious challenge. He can say he needs to tout Louisiana as business-friendly. He can thank everyone who helped out during Katrina and Rita, as he usually does.

But make no mistake. The product he’s selling out there on the road isn’t the state. It’s himself.

And from

Most people don’t mind that we have a governor who is going places. But in these uncertain times, more are asking where, or if, he is leading us.


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