David Vitter votes against Louisiana jobs and economic recovery

February 10, 2009

Louisiana Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter has voted against the economic recovery plan.

With his vote, David Vitter continues his abysmal track record of serving only the failed Republican policies that created this economic crisis.  This economic recovery plan has crucial investments in Louisiana’s infrastructure, schools, and coastal restoration efforts, as well as tax cuts for Louisiana families and businesses, but David Vitter would rather put partisanship over helping Louisiana families.

What’s at stake: saving or creating more than 3 million jobs, including more than 52,000 in Louisiana. The economic recovery plan will also help repair Louisiana roads and bridges, modernize at least 215 educational facilities in Louisiana, and will provide 77,000 families in Louisiana with new assistance for college, helping make college education more affordable and accessible. And that’s just a small portion of the estimated $3-$5 billion worth of projects in the economic recovery package that would help Louisiana.

Vitter is ignoring the needs of Louisiana and its people. At a time when Louisiana and America need action to solve this economic crisis, David Vitter is perfectly content being an obstructionist who’s putting Louisiana families and businesses at risk.

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