Gov. Jindal’s out-of-state fundraising trips starting to catch up with him

February 9, 2009

Despite the fact that Gov. Bobby Jindal isn’t up for possible re-election until 2011, and also continues to insist that he’s not running for President of the United States in 2012, that hasn’t stopped him from fundraising with gusto. And Jindal’s repeated out-of-state campaign fundraisers – at a time when Louisiana faces severe budget deficits and painful cuts to education and health care – are wearing thin on voters. The news that Jindal spent last Saturday in Arkansas for three separate fundraisers – just days after fundraising in North Carolina – has many observers questioning Jindal’s priorities.

In today’s edition of Daily Report, 55 percent of responders believe that Jindal’s spending too much time away from Louisiana. And if the governor doesn’t start curbing these far-flung campaign fundraisers soon, those numbers will only increase.

Not helping matters is the fact that Jindal went to North Carolina on a corporate jet – accompanied by a top gambling lobbyist.


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