The $20,000 ethics board contract

February 6, 2009

A week after a report that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration wants to pay outside consultants to help them with state construction funding requests, The Advocate has the details on the Jindal administration’s Ethics Board paying $20,000 to consultants. A year into his administration, Jindal’s so-called ethics reform and revamped ethics board still doesn’t have a firm organizational structure in place – and apparently needs outside help to figure it all out. So the consulting contract was approved last summer:

The contract with SSA Consultants started in August with a $10,000 maximum payment obligation. SSA had been paid $10,000 by November.

In December, the maximum payment doubled to $20,000 under a contract amendment.

And what has this $20,000 payment yielded so far?

SSA has produced “no concrete documents” as yet as it works on recommendations …

This is efficient government?

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