Host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting this weekend

February 6, 2009

The Louisiana Democratic Party urges Louisianians across the state to host or attend Economic Recovery House Meetings this weekend. The meetings will help Louisianians connect the recovery plan to their lives and talk about why the recovery plan is so important for local communities. More information about house parties in communities all across the state and country can be found at:

President Barack Obama and Democratic members of Congress have put together a plan that will jump start our economic recovery and get our economy back on track. It will get Americans back to work by boosting employment and saving or creating more than 3 million jobs, including more than 52,000 in Louisiana. It will invest in infrastructure projects — the repair of our roads and bridges, improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, modernizing at least 215 educational facilities in Louisiana, computerizing medical records, and investing in broadband. And it will provide 77,000 families in Louisiana with new assistance for college, helping make college education more affordable and accessible.

America is facing a devastating economic crisis. That is why President Obama has asked for our help in building grassroots support in Louisiana for his economic recovery plan. President Obama knows that the solution to our challenges lies in the communities and neighborhoods across America. By hosting or attending an Economic Recovery House Meeting this weekend, you can talk about the issues facing your community, help let Louisianians know how the plan will benefit them and their families and let them know that help is on the way.

More information on President Obama and the Democratic Congress’ economic recovery plan can be found at Once the plan is passed, exact details on how the money is being spent will be available at

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