“The people elected him governor, not Gerbil-in-Chief in an ornate Capitol cage.”

February 3, 2009

Highlights from today’s Inside Report column in The Advocate, which features informed analysis about how Gov. Bobby Jindal shuns his fellow legislators and generally shirks any kind of heavy lifting on crucial issues:

… Jindal’s overly protective staff rarely lets The Body into positions of interaction with others. His appearance before members of the House and Senate health committees was on short notice, as if he might be ambushed in some way.

… One of Jindal’s admirers in the national press is conservative journalist Quin Hillyer, a New Orleans native. Hillyer wrote recently in The American Spectator blog that Jindal has acquired a reputation as aloof and uncommunicative with his supporters.

… “The word is that his bright young staffers are also his arrogant young staffers,” Hillyer wrote. “They are so sure of themselves that they aggregate power to themselves by acting as if their gatekeeper role is not just to keep too many people at once from going through the gate to see the Guv, but to keep the gate almost entirely shut.”

Read the whole column — and the apropos gerbil-on-a-wheel metaphors — here.


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