Gov. Jindal is busy, busy, busy

January 30, 2009

With that looming budget deficit and an April legislative session right around the corner, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is leaving no stone unturned. He’s rolling up his sleeves, applying some elbow grease, putting his nose to the grindstone, and spending chunks of his work week …

… Attending out-of-state fundraisers for his 2011 re-election campaign!

As the Times-Picayune and Associated Press note, Jindal’s taken campaign fundraising trips to Mississippi, San Antonio and Houston. How do these fundraisers benefit Louisiana citizens? Don’t worry, Gov. Jindal always pledges transparency, as he notes here:

Today, it is more critical than ever that governments function at the highest level of integrity and efficiency in order to fairly meet the needs of its people. Accordingly, it is a necessity that government operations be open and transparent to the public.

So, about those out-of-state trips:

The fundraisers were described in his official schedule only as “private events” for Jindal’s re-election campaign. Melissa Sellers, Jindal’s communications director, declined to share more information about where the events would be, who is hosting and how much is being sought from potential donors.

This is another chapter for the ever-growing “Bobby Jindal – do as I say, not as I do” archives.


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  1. […] the United States in 2012, that hasn’t stopped him from fundraising with gusto. And Jindal’s repeated out-of-state campaign fundraisers – at a time when Louisiana faces severe budget deficits and painful cuts to education and health […]

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