You’d think he’d have a handle on the budget process by now

January 28, 2009

With Gov. Bobby Jindal’s background, he should have a keen understanding of the state budget and the budgeting process. Jindal’s a Rhodes Scholar, and his previous government experience includes his tenure as secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. And of course, Jindal’s just completed a year in office as governor.

So as the state faces a potential $2 billion shortfall, why does Jindal want to pay outside consultants to assess the process for state construction funding requests?

Republican Hunter Greene, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, is openly opposing the Jindal administration’s latest perplexing move. From The Advocate:

Greene said there was no discussion about hiring an outside consultant when the Legislature approved legislation aimed at putting controls on the state construction program. “We have a hiring freeze. We are trying to cut the budget,” Greene said. “We have got to find ways to make up the difference yet we are going out there and adding new costs.”

Considering that Jindal’s top administration officials received eyebrow-raising salary increases when they were hired, someone in Team Jindal must surely be able to step up to the plate to help figure out the issue. Especially when Jindal’s talking about significant cuts in education and health care, but he isn’t considering a reduction in his administration salaries.

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