Weekend trifecta on Gov. Jindal

January 26, 2009

Gov. Bobby Jindal keeps making headlines, but not for flattering reasons. Saturday’s Daily Advertiser editorial notes that Gov. Jindal would have been wise to produce some tangible results before doling out huge salaries to his top administration officials. The Advertiser doesn’t stop there:

Sadly, this isn’t the only time the Jindal administration has asked Louisiana to do as he says, not as he does.

Our reform governor, who put real muscle behind ethics legislation to clean up Louisiana’s image, demands transparency in government. However, his administration opposed legislation that would have imposed the same open-records legislation on the Governor’s Office that most other public agencies have to live with.

The rationale is that his office needs to keep documents private under the doctrine of executive privilege. However convenient the claim might be for the governor, it does little honor to government transparency or even to the goals of his own administration.

Maybe if Gov. Jindal spent more time here at home in Louisiana, he could address these issues. Instead, he continues jetting around the country for purely political reasons. The latest example is Jindal’s confirmation as the National Republican Congressional Committee’s RCCC’s headline speaker for its March 24 fundraising dinner. The Advocate is keeping tabs on Gov. Jindal’s far-flung speaking engagements:

The governor is rapidly becoming the go-to person on the conservative fundraising circuit.

In a little more than a week, he will speak at a $60-per-person dinner for the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, N.C. The foundation describes itself as a think tank.

Jindal also made a recent trip to Iowa, which has one of the earliest presidential caucuses in the country.

In a brief commentary, lanewslink.com notes:

“We think the Governor may want to rethink the ‘I really am running for President circuit ‘ until he solves the $2 billion budget hole problem.

The Governor had better pay attention to the ones who elected him before his next job hopping adventure gets him in trouble here at home. That question was posed at a meeting of the Baton Rouge Roundtable recently and the answer was a unanimous ‘stay home for now Bobby’ response.

Finally, C.B. Forgotston uses Louisiana Department of Civil Service data to show that Jindal’s “hiring freezes” are a p.r. snow job.

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