House Democratic Caucus Chairwoman questions David Vitter’s Clinton votes

January 26, 2009

Count Democratic state Rep. Karen St. Germain amonkaren-stgermaing the critics of Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s recent votes against Hillary Clinton. As The Advocate reports, St. Germain wonders about Vitter’s motives:

St. Germain pointed to some of the bipartisan support the former New York senator gained as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state selection.

“Sen. Vitter’s votes against Sen. Clinton send the wrong message to Washington, D.C., about Louisiana’s priorities. Important decisions loom regarding health care, education and our economic struggles,” St. Germain said in her statement. “I urge Sen. Vitter and the entire Louisiana delegation to reject purely partisan politics, and vote in the best interests of Louisiana and the country.”

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