David Vitter again votes against Hillary Clinton

January 22, 2009

Yesterday in the Senate, Louisiana Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter was one of only two votes against Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as Secretary of State. (The final vote tally was 94-2.) It follows his previous lone ‘no’ vote on Clinton last week in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. During yesterday’s vote, Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain noted, “We had an election and we also had a remarkable and historical time yesterday and this nation has come together as it has not for some time. The message the American people are sending us right now is they want us to work together and get to work right now.”

But Vitter isn’t listening. He’s making it clear that he has no interest in bipartisanship or real change, and only cares about his own self-interest. Because of his prostitution scandal, he’s using empty political posturing as evidence of his ‘values.’

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