The Jindal/Obama comparisons

January 21, 2009

As President Barack Obama begins his term, one of the interesting things to watch in coming months and years is whether Republican pundits and officials will continue comparing Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to Obama. In last Sunday’s Advocate, its Capitol News Bureau Chief Mark Ballard examines the GOP’s touting of Jindal – and matches the claims against Jindal’s legislative record:

Regardless of how historic the moment Tuesday, history ultimately will judge whether Obama – and Jindal – are brave enough to risk pushing proposals that actually change things.

Obama is just starting.

Jindal entered his second year last week. His chief success – so far – has been spin.

The column focuses on Jindal’s continued shell-game with budget numbers and the road ahead for the governor’s health care initiative. For anyone interested in digging beyond the platitudes that Jindal offers to admirers like Cal Thomas, it’s an incisive analysis. The full column is here.

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