David Vitter’s vote against Hillary Clinton is a disgrace

January 15, 2009

Yesterday, Louisiana Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter was the only senator in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote against Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as Secretary of State. In a 16-1 vote, Clinton received the enthusiastic endorsement of both Democrats and Republicans, including Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who said Sen. Clinton “could be one of our best secretaries of state.”

“Hillary Clinton is one of the most respected public servants in the country, and David Vitter’s vote against confirming her for Secretary of State is a disgrace,” says Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington. “President-elect Obama has consistently called for bipartisan efforts to solve the serious challenges facing our country, but David Vitter continues to put his own self-interest ahead of the needs of Louisiana and America.

“Vitter’s lone vote against Senator Clinton is nothing more than a cheap political stunt intended to deflect attention away from his prostitution scandal,” continues Whittington. “But Louisiana voters won’t forget this vote against Clinton, and they won’t forget Vitter’s hypocrisy and continued refusal to answer questions about his involvement with a Washington, D.C. escort service.”

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