Jindal’s hiring freeze gets noticed

January 6, 2009

In today’s Daily Advertiser, Alton Simoneaux of Morgan City writes a letter to the editor about the circumstances of Gov. Jindal’ s hiring freeze:

I find it interesting that before Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered a hiring freeze, he added seven new staff members to his office payroll. At least two of them, according to news reports, are being paid at least $10,000 a year more than their predecessors. Three people already on the staff got salary increases. …


It’s an interesting situation. Health care will probably have to cut back on personnel, and higher education could lose people as well. Many other vital services will feel the budget ax. Our governor, however, will have a full roster of well-paid employees,because he managed to get them in place before he called a halt to hiring.

Good ol’ Louisiana politics is still with us.

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