Under Jindal’s “ethics reform,” still no Ethics Board administrator in sight

December 18, 2008

Six months after former Ethics Board administrator Richard Sherburne and nearly every Ethics Board member resigned due to the Jindal administration’s inexplicable decision to change the burden of proof for ethics violations from “reliable and substantial evidence” to “clear and convincing evidence” – making it much more difficult to prosecute ethics offenders – the board is still in disarray. Word comes from The Advocate that now the board is considering splitting the still vacant administrator’s duties into two positions and reopening the application process, again delaying the board’s ability to conduct business.

So while Jindal and his allies might crow that there haven’t been any serious ethics violations since the governor took office, let the record reflect that the board’s been understaffed and powerless – and with hiring for the top post now stretching into 2009, there’s still no telling when the Ethics Board will be able to fulfill its duties.

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