GOP Hypocrisy: Gov. Bobby Jindal, David Vitter and fellow Republican legislators

December 9, 2008

vitterTonight in Washington, D.C., Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal will lead a gathering of Louisiana Republican elected officials in honoring and raising money for … David Vitter.

Vitter, of course, is the senator who campaigned on family values, only to have his rank hypocrisy exposed when his phone number showed up multiple times in the phone records of Washington, D.C. madam Deborah Palfrey, who ran a prostitution ring.

Prostitution is illegal in Louisiana and Washington, D.C.

Vitter even received phone calls from Palfrey’s escort service during House roll call votes. [Associated Press News, Jul 12, 2007]

Compounding matters, Vitter has refused to answer questions about his behavior — including to what extent Vitter was engaging in these activities during working hours. Louisiana citizens and taxpayers fund Vitter’s salary, and deserve an accounting of how Vitter spends his time representing them. But Vitter refuses to make himself accountable to his constituents and the media.

Vitter’s hypocrisy is now matched by Gov. Jindal, who campaigned on ethics reform and transparency in government. Apparently Jindal and the Louisiana Republican Party think it’s perfectly ethical for fellow Republican Vitter to refuse to answer questions about how he spends his time serving Louisiana. Jindal is so comfortable with Vitter’s behavior and actions that he’s now raising money for him.

Co-hosting the fundraiser are the fellow Louisiana Republicans who also apparently condone Vitter’s behavior and actions; they include Congressmen Rodney Alexander, Jim McCrery, Charles Boustany, Steve Scalise, and Congressman-elect Bill Cassidy, among others.

At tonight’s fundraiser, top contributors will get a photo of Gov. Jindal and Sen. Vitter together. For Jindal, Vitter and other Louisiana Republicans at this fundraiser tonight, all it takes is some cash for a picture of GOP hypocrisy in action.

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