Change is Coming local house meetings this weekend

December 9, 2008

David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama for America, has just released a new letter and video that details this weekend’s Change is Coming house meetings. These meetings are a way to continue the grassroots efforts that helped elect Barack Obama, and give citizens in Louisiana and across the United States a voice in the direction and policies of the incoming administration. He notes:

At the house meetings, you’ll reflect on our campaign, discuss the future of this movement, and identify some ways to get involved in your community.

Meeting hosts will report back, and your feedback will be instrumental in guiding this movement through some important and unprecedented territory.

This grassroots organization has always been about more than an election. It’s about transforming our country — and we’ve only just begun.

With the enormous challenges we’re facing at home and abroad, we have no choice but to continue working together. There’s so much more we can do to help Barack bring change to America.
How we do that is up to you.

Watch the video and sign up to host or attend a house meeting this weekend:

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